Private Blog Network Backlink (P.B.N)

A web site is very fast for ranking, Backlink is the most popular process. But it is too expensive! Private Blog Network (P. B. N) is a lot like Blackhat SEO! Many say that the gray hat SEO! White Hat and Black Hat SEO! A lot Your backlinking skills will depend on whether your link building will be White hat or Black hat. If you can link building properly, it is possible to get Google ranking within 3-4 months.Private Blog Network Backlink (P.B.N)

What is Private Blog Network Backlink

PBN means some of your blogging networks! We have to follow a few steps to create a PBN.

  • Expired domain purchase:
    Firstly, to create pbn backlinks, we need to find the expired domain. Before knowing what is the expired domain? Many people buy a domain and after a few years the website does not renew. These domains are sold in unthinkable terms. Now why is it being the expired domain? Since the web site runs for a few years with the expired domain, those domains become rank! I understand the domain authority (DA) and the Page Authority (P.A.). In the case of expired Domain Name May not be at this! Because there can be no web site for that domain for many days. There are many paid tools for searching the expired domain. Among them, is very popular.

How to build a Private Blog Network (pbn seo)?

The GoDaddy auction is a lot better within the free tools. After going here you will find a search box. And if your niche gets search with the related keyword, then the domain will come. On the right, you will find the Advanced Search option that will be useful to us, to find our required domain names through filtering.

how to buy expire domain godaddy

From the Advance Search option, you can choose how your keyword will be included in the domain name first. You can select which extension you want to get domains. In this case, we will work with .com, .net and .org domains. Because these are top-level domains that give priority to ranking in Google. You can write in the price section of how many dollars you want to buy the domain.

If we take the bottom right, we will get some more options.


From domain age, you can easily write down how many years old domain you want. Then the traffic options, which allows you to write what kind of visitor you want every month.

This way you can easily get your desired domain name by filtering.

Before buy Private Blog Network backlink domain Significant Tips

At the time of purchasing a domain, you must try to increase the domain authority (DA) and it is better to be 30+. If under the DA 15, there will be no profit.

At the time of domain registration, one must keep in mind that not all domain names are named different one. And your money site domain, domain-hosting does not match the information that is registered with it. If you buy 5 domains, then buy it with another 5 mails and information. If all the domains are purchased with the same backlink profile information then you will be caught by Google. Google will understand that all site owners are one, and can not rank or even give penalties.

How to Create website and publish content for Private Blog Network (PBN) Backlink ? Go to the below link

Private Blog Network website and publish content and building link

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