How to Building Link & make PBN website for Best seo?

Once the domain is purchase complete, we will have to buy hosting and Start to make the website. Each site has a different IP address when buying a hosting, it must be sure. After completing the web site, on-page SEO will  done and some content will be publish. If you want Offpage SEO can do. Now know more How to Building Link and make PBN website for Best seo.

Building Link and make PBN website for Best seo

After Make Website web pages have published, you have to construct a natural Link Building . You can take 1-2 backlinks for your money site from a pbn website and it is not advisable to take more than two links from one post. Think, if you have 10 PBN website and you have 20 backlinks in 1 day on your money site. This is not a natural backlink. Rather you can give up to two backlinks a few days later. If you do not want to take any risk, then you can backlink Tier 2. If you look at the picture below, you can understand.

How to Building Link & make PBN website for Best seo

A backlink has made at the guest post for your money site first. Then the post that backlinker has  published on a post in its Permalink / Link PBN site.

Another important thing is not to forget to add some links to your Money website as well as good high-profile websites in your PBN sites.

There is no need to build thousands of link building sites to rank your money. Always keep in mind the Quality Link Building, no matter what!

It is possible to make a Money Site Ranking only by building PBN Link and Social Signal.

I hope the whole process is understand. Now come to the original Topic. You will need a much bigger investment to create PBN. If you want, you will be able to sell web sites for a few times more than the amount you invest in a few years. If you wish, you can also sell backlink from your PBN to others.

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